WP6 – Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation of project results

Description Activities in this WP will start on the first day of the project and will last until than end, ensuring the sustainability of the project as well. In this workpackage the consortium will make a dissemination plan and project website and will develop a dissemination strategy with plan of disseminating activities. They will do promotional activities and brand management, which will help to ensure the sustainability of the project outcomes.

Communication activities will encompass contacting all relevant stakeholders, potential users, promoters and investors. Channel and tools for dissemination and exploitation activities include: project web portal, associations and networks, social media, professional magazines, internet portals, TV media and published materials (publications, newsletter, handbook, leaflets, booklet). Dissemination activities (promotional events, workshops, round—tables, etc.) will be organized throughout the whole project.

There will be in total 9 dissemination events (6 national and 3 international). It is expected at least 560 people to participate on these events. Six events were described in the previous packages.

Open call will be announced for new university-academia partnerships, joint research projects and new initiatives for research and education proposals, based on the list of potential funds and programs. Also, the date will be set for the Second international conference on academia-industry collaborations in Sarajevo in 2022.

Deliverables D6.1 Developing the of project web portal
D6.2 Developing and implementing the dissemination and communication strategy and activities
D6.3 Ensuring sustainability of the project outcomes