WP5 – Quality control, monitoring and evaluation

Description First activity of this WP will be establishing the Project Quality Assurance Board (PQAB) at the Kick-of seminar. PQAB will developing procedures and forms for quality control, preparing the annual reports on the progress activities by PaCUs supported by representatives of faculty quality assurance body.

Two Monitoring visits are planned – MV1 in Yerevan (M19) and MV2 in Sarajevo and Mostar (M20). During the visit partners will review the qulity control of the implementation process at each Cooperative R&D Unit. This will be followed up with preparation of an annual joint internal monitoring reports and proposals for corrective measures if necessary and carrying out the mid-term and final external evaluation.

Lead WUS
Deliverables D5.1 Establishing quality control system
D5.2 Conducting quality control and monitoring procedures
D5.3 Evaluating impact and preparing reports