WP4 – Trials, Pilot & Review

Description This WP is focused on fostering research and innovation by collaboration between universities and companies. During this WP pilot projects will be developed and implemented. Besides determining the research topics for each pilot project, partners will explore opportunities for cross-regional research projects.
The pilot phase will be promoted on an international event (E5) in Yerevan (M17) with Launching the Cooperative R&D Units’ operations through Pilot projects.The goal of this WP is to engage professors, professionals from industry and MSc and PhD students, working together on joint research pilot projects. It is expected at least 8 joint research projects to be completed, and at least 48 people involved. Also, at least 12 new research proposals will be initiated for third party funds. This will be followed with preparing and publishing scientific articles (in co-authorship by professors and professionals from industry).
The partners will develop measures for raising awareness of the importance of MSc and PhD and their impact and added value in the non-academic sector and promote the work of the Cooperative R&D Units on national meetings, workshops and events.The trial phase will be reviewed using specially created framework of effectiveness. The conclusions will be used to refine the portfolio of services that Cooperative R&D Units are offering.At the end of this WP partners will prepare call for next round of joint research projects and announce the Call for participation through the Cooperative R&D Units to relevant stakeholders at the final conference in Yerevan.
Deliverables D4.1 Launching the Cooperative R&D Units’ operations through Pilot projects
D4.2 Reviewing the trial phase using framework of effectiveness