WP3 – Creating Collaborative and Open Innovation Platform

Description In this WP first activity will be designing and developing the interactive web based platform by M7. Two national events in Mostar and Yerevan will be organised to promote the platform. It is expected that at least 200 people will create profile on the platform, and use it services to network, study and create.
Main focus on all partners will be creating the collaborative and open innovation partnership for R&D&I by establishing alliances between academia and industry supported by the platform. Innovation and Knowledge Management plan will be also developed.
Survey will be conducted to analyse the competencies gap that students and alumni have. The results of the survey will be used to develop new training courses and innovative activities, in collaboration between professors and Cooperative R&D Unit. Promotional event will be organised to share the results and invite participants. All new developed training courses and innovative services by the professors and professions will be implemented using the web based platform. To support the collaboration, categorisation of research equipment will be made, and the inventory promoted through the platform.Several promotional events will be organised to disseminate the project results, communicate with the relevant stakeholders and ensure the successful imlementation of the project activities.It is expected at least 50 training course and at least 35 innovative services to be developed and implemented. Also, it is expected at least 1500 students and alumni to be trained, and at least 250 students and alumni to use the services.
Designing and developing the interactive web based platform
Establishing collaborative partnerships between universities and companies for R&D&I
D3.3 Developing an open innovation model for academia-industry collaboration
D3.4 Developing and implementing training courses and innovation interaction activities offered by professors and experts from industry
D3.5 Creating research inventory