Title Third National event – Round Table
Venue University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Sarajevo
Date October 1, 2019
Number of participants 30
Professional profile 20 managers
10 employees
Represented sectors Industry (civil engineering)
Education and Science
Public authorities


Brief Summary and Key Points

  • The meeting was opened by the Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering.
  • Prof. Mustafa Hrasnica presented All4R&D Project.
  • Significant number of participants took part in the discussion.

Notable quotes:

  • Constant training and change of occupation, dual education.
  • Digitization – paperless design.
  • Limits of new technologies in small markets.
  • Ignorance of investors.
  • Human resource management.
  • Problem of motivation for young engineers.
  • Specialization.

Comments and Observations:

The round table held at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, UNSA, was very successful – many useful remarks concerning education of civil engineers were made by almost all participants. Additional education of engineers in industry is necessary because of technological advancement in materials and mechanization. Incorporation of new software in education of engineers (such as BIM) was stressed. Generally, there is a great interest in continuation of such meetings and upgrade of knowledge in all aspects of engineering (legal, organizational, design, contraction, etc.)


Report on the Round Table